5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize

Belize real estate has become a hot ticket in the last few years, as more and more people realize the benefits of retiring to Belize and living there either all year round or at least during the winter season. If you are going to be retiring soon and don’t know where you’ll live, take a look at the following reasons why getting some Belize real estate for your retirement is the best option. Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should Retire in Belize:

Reason #1 Why You Should Retire in Belize: The weather is warm all year long

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - Warm Weather

You won’t have to deal with bitterly cold winters, constant snowfall, or the worry of finding someone to shovel your driveway every week when you’ve retired in Belize. The weather in Belize is mild all year long, with an average high temperature of about 84 degrees Fahrenheit every season of the year. You’ll enjoy warm breezes, mild weather, and best of all, you’ll bask in the lack of stress-related winter planning.

Reason #2 Why You Should Retire in Belize: It’s economically affordable

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - Its Affordable

Belize does not have to be an expensive place to live, nor do you have to live in a tiny shack in order to afford retirement there. You can purchase Belize real estate for a relatively low price, and the average retired couple can live nicely in Belize for about $2,000 USD a month–less if you’re single or very frugal. The key is understanding how to adjust to retirement living rather than living like you’re still working in your home country.

Reason #3 Why You Should Retire in Belize: There’s an endless amount of activities to enjoy

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - Lots to Do and See

Belize is home to enough natural landscapes that you’ll find yourself with an endless amount of activities to do and places to explore. Belize has everything from beaches, snorkeling, rainforests, natural rivers, ancient ruins, hundreds of animal species–and so much more. And since you’ll be retired, you will have all the time in the world to enjoy the many wonderful sights and activities that Belize has to offer those who stay within its borders.

Reason #4 Why You Should Retire in Belize: It’s not too far from North America

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - Its Close

If you’ll be retiring from the United States, not to worry–Belize is only a few hours away by flight, and you won’t be disconnected from your family and friends back on the mainland United States. Houston, Texas is only about 2 hours away by flight, for reference on how close Belize is when you travel via airplane. Best of all, your family will be able to visit you at your new retirement location, and then you can introduce them to the many beautiful, exciting and fun things to do around Belize.

Reason #5 Why You Should Retire in Belize: You could qualify for incentives

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - QRP

Belize offers some special incentives for people who qualify for their “Qualified Tired Persons” program. If you qualify, you will receive benefits such as tax and duty-free imports for your personal and household items, as well as tax exemptions for income you receive from outside Belize.

Overall, Belize is a great place to retire, so be sure to check out available Belize real estate today to discover a whole new world. Want more information about Retiring to Belize or the Qualified Retiree Program? Check out “Why Retire in Belize“. Did we mention that Belize is a world-renowned Tax-Haven? Click here for info about Taxes in Belize and protecting your assets. Contact us today for more info.

6 Reasons You’d Be Happier Living in Belize!

We all dream of living a healthy, happy, and peaceful life. However, finding the ideal place to lead such a life isn’t an easy task. If you’ve been looking for a perfect place to move or retire to: Consider Living in Belize! Would you be happier living in Belize? Almost certainly!!

Here are the top 6 Reasons Why You’d Be Happier Living in Belize!

Reason 1: Excellent Weather All-Year Long


A large number of people from the growing expat community in Belize decide to move to the country for good. Some of the reasons include the excellent warm weather all around the year, abundant sunshine, breathtakingly beautiful nature, and a large number of exciting adventures available on both the mainland and the island cayes (to name a few). It has been observed that that the people living in Belize experience a much higher level of personal satisfaction and happiness in general.

Reason 2: Peaceful Life Closer to Nature


Living in Belize offers the enormous advantages and positive effects of being closer to nature. A close-knit English speaking community, amazing weather, and a range of exciting outdoor activities allow the residents to live a happy and healthy life in Belize.

Reason 3: Affordability


What could be a more peaceful way to spend the life than not constantly having to worry about your finances? Belize offers much more affordable rates on almost all the products and services you are accustomed to. If you are thinking about retirement in Belize, you can easily live a peaceful life on as little as $2000 every month. Furthermore, being surrounded by abundant natural resources and fresh, organic, Non-GMO food products, living in Belize offers the great health benefits at cheap rates.

Reason 4: Scenic Beauty


Living in Belize allows you to live amidst some of the most stunningly beautiful views you will find on earth. Whatever you’re looking for, the landscape in Belize is perfect: from lush untouched nature to indulging, luxurious resorts in and around the country. If you’re looking for a hassle-free life closer to nature, Belize is the perfect destination.

Reason 5: Positive and Optimistic Environment


As per the recent study by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Belize has been ranked among the top 50 happiest countries in the world to live. Furthermore, this beautiful country is on an upward trend among the happiest place to live due to the positive and optimistic attitude of the people. In fact, Belizeans are renowned for being one of the warmest, friendliest, and the most hospitable lot across the world.

Reason 6: Great Places to Live All Over Belize


Belize is full of amazing places and Cayes to explore and live. Well-planned and friendly expat communities, charming villages, and larger, more centrally located towns – Belize has it all! Centrally located just hours from Cancun, Guatemala City, Roatan and other famous tourist and vacation destinations, Belize is enticing a large number of expats, retirees, and investors. What about you? You’d be happier living in Belize! Contact us today to arrange a tour of San Pedro Belize real estate and check out life in Belize for yourself!

8 Reasons Belize is the Perfect Place to Visit, Live, and Explore!

8 Reasons Belize is the Perfect Place to Visit, Live, and Explore!

Whether you are considering investing in the blossoming Belize Real Estate Market, buying a vacation home in Belize, or just want to come and explore; Belize is the perfect choice for retirees, investors, expats, and vacationers alike! Centrally located between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is a small and eclectic country that is becoming increasingly popular as one of the finest ecotourism destinations in Central America. Here are 8 Reasons Belize is the Perfect Place to Visit, Live, and Explore!

#1: Belize is Centrally Located in an Ideal Location


Belize is a charming little Central-American country filled with the natural beauty, amazing opportunities, and lovely English-speaking people. Centrally located between Mexico and Guatemala and with easy access to North and South America, the Caribbean, etc., Belize is ideally located and has a prime spot on the world stage. The steady growth of the Belize Real Estate market in the recent years further solidifies it as an ideal location to live and a top investment choice as well.

#2: Belize is an English-Speaking Country


Belize is a diverse society with many cultures and languages. In fact, Belize is the only officially English-speaking country in Central America. This makes living in Belize easy and comfortable for world travelers, vacationers, and retirees.

#3: Diverse Landscape


Although Belize is a small country, it makes up for its lack of size with its incredibly diverse landscape including the vast mountains, waterfalls, jungles, rain forests, beaches, wetlands, and Savannah. Living in Belize, you can enjoy the great outdoors, nature reserves, and all manner of adventure activities (such as a hiking through the jungle, floating through an underground river, or parasailing over the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

#4: The Amazing Belize Barrier Reef


Belize is the home to the Belize Barrier Reef, which is a part of the second-largest barrier reef in the world. It is a home to an astonishing variety of marine species. Furthermore, the clear blue water and sandy seafloor make the reef the perfect place for water adventures such as snorkeling and scuba diving for you adventure lovers.

#5: Belize is Surrounded by Wonderful Island Cayes


Belize is a beautiful country that is surrounded by almost 200 islands that are known as Cayes. Some of the most popular ones include Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, South Water Caye, St. George’s Caye, and Tobacco Caye. In addition to being easily accessible from Belize, they also serve as ideal bases for indulging in activities such as fishing, diving, and snorkeling…or just chilling out by the beach in your hammock!

#6: The Intricate Cave Systems of Belize


All over Belize you will find the intricate network of caves that Central America is famous for. These fascinating tourist attractions are the very same caves that were used extensively by the ancient Mayan people to conduct their sacred rituals and ceremonies.  In present times, a plethora of these impressive caves can be found and explored in various parts of Belize.

#7: The Culturally Rich Society of Belize


What makes living in Belize easy and comfortable for the outsiders is the fact that Belize is a perfect cultural melting pot of peaceful, English-speaking, laid-back people. One can experience a variety of cultures such as the Mayan, Kriol, Garifuna, Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern, and much more.

#8: Travel and Explore in Comfort and Ease


Belize is a beautiful, small country full of natural & scenic wonders in the form of amazing beaches and steamy rain forests. The small size makes traveling around the country much easier, which is why it is also a popular tourist destination.

BONUS! #9: Belize is a Tax Haven!


Lastly, one of the big factors that make Belize Real Estate an ideal property destination is that there are no taxes on income or property. That’s great news for anyone considering living in Belize or investing in Belize real estate.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule your next vacation at one of our world class resorts on Ambergris Caye. And be sure to check out some of the fabulous real estate offerings while you’re in town!

10 Reasons to Retire in Belize

Retirement life can be full of uncertainty. Choosing where to retire is, in fact, a complex decision and a major concern for many. If you’ve also been thinking about a suitable retirement place: picture yourself spending your golden years living in a tropical Caribbean paradise, with great weather and amazingly beautiful scenes. Consider retiring in Belize!

If you are wondering why you should retire in Belize, here are the top 10 reasons which make Belize the ideal retirement destination.

Reason #1: English is the first Language


English being the first language of the Belize is the main advantage for the expats looking to retire in Belize. This makes communicating with people much easier without any hassle.

Reason #2: Stable economy


Belize is a country with a stable economy and some of the lowest inflation rates in the region. This makes life in retirement easy and affordable.

Reason #3: Relaxed tax regulations for retirees


Consider retiring in Belize if you want to enjoy outstanding tax benefits. Based on several parameters such where and how you earn your income, retirees can enjoy as low as zero tax liability in Belize.

Reason #4: Amazing Weather All Year Round


Belize is well-known for its sub-tropical weather, making it ideal for retirement life. The country is, in fact, blessed to have almost perfect summer-like weather all year round, which makes retirement in Belize a dream come true.

Reason #5: Hassle-free Traveling


Easy transportation options, relaxed visa guidelines, and a large number of seasonal flights to Belize, make it pretty easy to travel to Belize from various parts of the world.

Reason #6: An Endless Number of Things to Do and See in Belize


If you’ve been looking for a peaceful and laid-back life, retiring in Belize is a no-brainer. Belize is well known for its beautiful attractions such as the Maya Ruins, the great Blue Hole, the second largest living barrier reef in the world, amazing scenery and landscape, and lush natural tropical jungles. Retiring in Belize is like a dream come true.

Reason #7: Affordable Real Estate Options


The Belize Real estate market is thriving like never before. It is one of the most affordable and reasonable places in Central America when it comes to the property prices. Retirement in Belize is the perfect option to enjoy a peaceful life in a stable economy.

Reason #8: Special perks for the retirees

Retirement in Belize is an ideal option for anyone who is 45 or above as they can enjoy the benefit of the special “retiree” program i.e. Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Program (QRP) applicable to the expats or retirees. A person under this program is 100% exempted from paying any tax in Belize on income or investments which accrue from a source outside of Belize.

Reason #9: Close-Knit Community


Retirement in Belize becomes easy and comfortable as the place is a perfect cultural melting pot of peaceful, English-speaking, laid-back people. One can experience a variety of cultures such as the Mayan, Kriol, Garifuna, Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern, and much more.

Reason #10: Familiarity with the laws

The legal system in Belize is quite familiar and easily adaptable for the expats and retirees.

So there you have it: 10 reasons Belize is consistently ranked as a top tourist and retirement destination. Want more info? Contact us today!

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10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation

10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation

Looking to escape the hustle bustle of daily life and enjoy your winter break? Want to escape the frigid weather this winter season? Come check out Belize, a stunningly beautiful, quiet, and easy-going nation located in Central America. Belize is becoming quite popular as one of the top destinations for world travelers looking for a winter escape. Below are the top 10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation:

Reason #1: Great Weather

10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation: Great Weather

Pleasant and warm weather, friendly English-speaking natives, and amazing scenic beauty of Belize will make you feel right at home. The tropical climate and sunny skies all year-round will make your winters extremely pleasurable and fun.

Reason #2: The Amazing Maya Ruins

10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation

This beautiful country of Central America, Belize, was once the heart of the ancient Mayan Empire. Today, there are many Mayan cities that can be explored throughout the country, featuring an eclectic mix of beautiful carvings, towering temples, and grand plazas.

Reason #3: The Great Blue Hole

10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation

The Great Blue Hole is a unique circular depression adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef. This has been declared as one of the best diving sites on the planet by famous marine biologist Jacques Cousteau. Divers from across the world can explore and experience the adventure of an enormous underwater series of caverns carved out during the last great Ice Age here.

Reason #4: Belize Wildlife

10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation

Living in Belize offers the experience of witnessing the amazing wildlife including the rarest tropical bird species and the last surviving jaguars in the region. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can either experience a variety of crocodiles and manatees at play in their natural habitat or embark on the exclusive diving tours to witness the underwater whale sharks.

Reason #5: Delicious Food

10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation

Belize is the home to a rich mix of indigenous cultures and some of the most delicious food on the Earth. You can indulge in a plenty of fresh varieties of food such as savory Caribbean dishes and the fresh-caught seafood delicacies.

Reason #6: Water Adventures

10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation

The clear blue waters of the Caribbean make water adventures such as snorkeling and diving in Belize extreme fun and enjoyable. Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest in the world, is the home to dozens of species of colorful fish, nurse sharks, and unique invertebrate species to further add to the adventure.

Reason #7: Serene Beaches

10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation

Being located on the western shores of the lovely Caribbean Sea, the beauty of Belize is accentuated by the lovely beaches. One can enjoy the untouched beauty of the pristine, white beaches, during the tropical fantasy vacation in Belize. What could be a better way to spend the winter vacations than watching the sunset over the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea

Reason #8: Belize Adventures

10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation

Whether you’re hiking enthusiasts or interested in exploring the underwater through a network of caves, there is plenty to do in Belize to spend your winter holidays

Reason #9: Belize Island Beauty

10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation

Nothing is more stunning in winters than exploring the beauty of locally known Cayes in Belize. The country has hundreds of such gorgeous islands, ranging from the laid-back party town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye to the diving paradise of atolls fronting the Belize Barrier Reef.

Reason #10: Belize Real Estate

10 Reasons Why Belize is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Winter Vacation

Retiring soon? Looking to settle down in a tropical paradise? Or considering an investment that is certain to reap a strong return? Then the Belize Real Estate market may be exactly what you are looking for. Belize is a charming little Central-American nation, filled with natural beauty, lots of opportunities, and lovely English-speaking people. The Belize Real Estate market is growing at a rapid pace, and property values have been steadily going up in the recent years, making Belize a top investment choice.

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