5 Reasons You Should Retire in Belize

5 Reasons You Should Retire in Belize

Belize is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the world. Why? Read on to explore 5 Reasons You Should Retire in Belize.

5 Reasons You Should Retire in Belize

#1: Your retirement money goes a lot farther when you invest in Belize real estate

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - Its Affordable

You can live nicely in Belize on a relatively modest income that would leave you with a poorer quality of life in the United States. For instance, a standard 3-bedroom cottage of Belize real estate costs about $15,000 to $20,000 USD in Belize–compare that to the cost of a similar home in your local area, or even any of the popular retirement locations in the United States, and you’ll see why many retirees flock to Belize.

#2: Your retirement money goes a lot farther in general in Belize

5 Reasons You Should Retire in Belize

In addition to your USD stretching far for Belize real estate, your retirement money will go a lot farther for things like cable TV, internet, healthcare, groceries, and even leisure activities like visiting nice restaurants, going snorkeling, heading to the beach, and more. You will find that you can enjoy a life of modest luxury on a retirement income, something that you wouldn’t get to enjoy in the United States or most other countries with retirement plans.

#3: The common language in Belize is English

Why You Should Be Investing in Belize Real Estate 02

If you’re from a country where the primary language is English, you won’t need to worry about having to learn another language in Belize. Belize is the primary language in Belize and is used in restaurants, shops, official documents, and more. While there are many people in Belize who speak other languages, particularly Spanish, most everyone in Belize will speak English.

#4: Living in Belize is (literally) good for your health

5 Reasons You Should Retire in Belize

Many retirees who have moved to Belize after buying Belize real estate find that they feel and look healthier than ever before in just a few short months or years of moving there. That is because Belize offers a lot of healthy food options, including tons of fresh foots and vegetables, and most people get around Belize by walking or biking rather than driving cars. The beautiful natural landscapes, parks, beaches and other sites in Belize are great at getting retirees outside and active again, which not only helps them maintain their way but reduces the risk of many health problems. This doesn’t mean Belize is automatically healthy (there are still fried foods and the ability to sit on your couch watching Netflix on your laptop all day!) but it is much easier for retirees to get active, stay active, and become healthier there.

#5: You will never get bored living in Belize

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - QRP

There’s an endless amount of things to do and places to see in Belize. You could live in Belize for years and still not come close to scratching the surface of what Belize has to offer, which includes (but is definitely not limited to): beautiful beaches, hiking trails, ancient ruins, festivals, temples, snorkeling and swimming opportunities, an abundance of natural wildlife to see and admire, and so much more. If you are retired and head to Belize, you won’t have to worry about getting bored or feeling left out of the loop–in Belize, there is always something new to do just around the corner.

So there you have it: 5 Reasons You Should Retire in Belize. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out more about investing in Belize Real Estate.

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize

Belize real estate has become a hot ticket in the last few years, as more and more people realize the benefits of retiring to Belize and living there either all year round or at least during the winter season. If you are going to be retiring soon and don’t know where you’ll live, take a look at the following reasons why getting some Belize real estate for your retirement is the best option. Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should Retire in Belize:

Reason #1 Why You Should Retire in Belize: The weather is warm all year long

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - Warm Weather

You won’t have to deal with bitterly cold winters, constant snowfall, or the worry of finding someone to shovel your driveway every week when you’ve retired in Belize. The weather in Belize is mild all year long, with an average high temperature of about 84 degrees Fahrenheit every season of the year. You’ll enjoy warm breezes, mild weather, and best of all, you’ll bask in the lack of stress-related winter planning.

Reason #2 Why You Should Retire in Belize: It’s economically affordable

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - Its Affordable

Belize does not have to be an expensive place to live, nor do you have to live in a tiny shack in order to afford retirement there. You can purchase Belize real estate for a relatively low price, and the average retired couple can live nicely in Belize for about $2,000 USD a month–less if you’re single or very frugal. The key is understanding how to adjust to retirement living rather than living like you’re still working in your home country.

Reason #3 Why You Should Retire in Belize: There’s an endless amount of activities to enjoy

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - Lots to Do and See

Belize is home to enough natural landscapes that you’ll find yourself with an endless amount of activities to do and places to explore. Belize has everything from beaches, snorkeling, rainforests, natural rivers, ancient ruins, hundreds of animal species–and so much more. And since you’ll be retired, you will have all the time in the world to enjoy the many wonderful sights and activities that Belize has to offer those who stay within its borders.

Reason #4 Why You Should Retire in Belize: It’s not too far from North America

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - Its Close

If you’ll be retiring from the United States, not to worry–Belize is only a few hours away by flight, and you won’t be disconnected from your family and friends back on the mainland United States. Houston, Texas is only about 2 hours away by flight, for reference on how close Belize is when you travel via airplane. Best of all, your family will be able to visit you at your new retirement location, and then you can introduce them to the many beautiful, exciting and fun things to do around Belize.

Reason #5 Why You Should Retire in Belize: You could qualify for incentives

5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Belize - QRP

Belize offers some special incentives for people who qualify for their “Qualified Tired Persons” program. If you qualify, you will receive benefits such as tax and duty-free imports for your personal and household items, as well as tax exemptions for income you receive from outside Belize.

Overall, Belize is a great place to retire, so be sure to check out available Belize real estate today to discover a whole new world. Want more information about Retiring to Belize or the Qualified Retiree Program? Check out “Why Retire in Belize“. Did we mention that Belize is a world-renowned Tax-Haven? Click here for info about Taxes in Belize and protecting your assets. Contact us today for more info.

4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination

4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination

Choosing a place to retire isn’t an easy decision–but there are a few things you can do to make the process much easier on yourself. Ask yourself this: are you interested in moving to a location with a warm climate year-round, that has access to beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife of all kinds, which also provides an endless amount of activities for locals, tourists, and retirees alike? If so, you need to consider buying Belize real estate and living in Belize after you have retired. Let’s take a more detailed look at why you’ll love Belize as a paradise for retirees and what makes Belize a Dream Retiree Destination

#1 Reason Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination: It’s absolutely gorgeous

4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination 01 Its Absolutely Beautiful

You can’t beat the views in Belize–you simply can’t. Belize has an abundance of natural landscapes and resources, including stunning beaches with beautiful waters, rain forests that stretch on for miles and miles, hiking trails, the 2nd largest coral reef in the world, and so much more. Where else could you see literally more than 400 species of fish while snorkeling? Or spot over 500 different species of birds with a careful eye and a pen to mark your catalog? When people think of paradise, they think Belize–and that’s based on its beauty alone.

#2 Reason Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination: You can afford to live well (no, really!)

4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination 02 You Can Live Well

One of the most common concerns for retirees is that they won’t be able to maintain their current lifestyle on a retiree pension or check. In Belize, however, the cost of living can be much lower when compared to other countries–espcially areas like the United States or the United Kingdom. What would barely help you scrape by at your home in Tennessee may land you a beautiful 3-room cottage with windows that open up against a sparkling cove. You will find that your dollar stretches pretty fair in Belize–just be prepared to have your money exchanged to Belize currency, since although many shops will take USD for items, you’ll get the weaker Belize currency as your change.

#3 Reason Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination: It is very laid back and relaxing

4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination 03 Its Relaxing

The ability to finally relax and take things slow and easy is a big concern for many retirees. If you want to live somewhere without intense pressure, constant deadlines, or the underlying feeling that things must get done–and done NOW–then Belize is the place for you. Locals are very laid back and things get done when they get done, rather than being rushed about and finished in a frenzy.

#4 Reason Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination: It’s not too far away (especially if you live in North America)

4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination 04 Its Not Far Away

If you’re retiring from the United States, then buying Belize real estate won’t take you too far away from your family and friends back home. The continental United States is only about 2 hours away by plane, although states farther away from the border will take a few extra hours. And since it’s so close, your family will be able to visit you on your new island paradise!

So there you have it: 4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination. We hope that you will find this list helpful. Nobody knows Belize Real Estate like Sandy Point Real Estate! Considering retiring in Belize or Living in Belize? Contact us today to speak to one of our real estate specialists or to arrange a Belize Real Estate tour of San Pedro, Belize that you will never forget!

The Move of a Lifetime: Making Belize Your New Home


Investing or retiring in a property (anywhere in the world) can be a daunting task. Especially so if you’re considering doing it in a foreign country. Luckily, many people who visit Belize for the first time, consistently observe the friendly and polite nature of the locals and that automatically provides a sense of comfort. The cultural diversity, awe-inspiring landscapes, and laid-back feel are incredibly welcoming attributes of the country. Belize boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world, numerous natural reserves, and is home to some of the most unique wildlife you’ll ever encounter.


The moment your plane touches down on the sun beaten tarmac and the seat belt sign is turned off – a feeling of familiarity greets you with open arms. Not a country with many urban luxuries but rather one with a bounty of natural treasure, Belize is incredibly accommodating to those looking to build their foundations here.

Previously named British Honduras, Belize became an independent country in the year 1981. With a small population of just under 400,000, Belize has seen shocking surges in tourism. Rightly so: the country has long been a best kept secret.

The recent upswing in the tourism sector has motivated major development chains to move into the market. The Wyndham Grand Belize has begun construction of its luxury resort on Ambergris Caye and condos are now available at pre-construction prices. In Placencia, many have decided to build their own home on the sandy beaches of the peninsula, and in the Cayo district there have been numerous people purchasing homes surrounded by lush jungles.


Investors are now understanding the benefits of investing in places like Belize and are beginning to take advantage of the no capital gains and low property taxes that Belize has to offer. All of the contacts are in English and the title ownership system is “title absolute” and “fee simple”. This assures many that they actually own what they are buying versus buying a 99-year lease such as is the case in other destinations. As a fellow Canadian that has lived in Belize for over twelve years and has assisted many people with investments during that time, I encourage you to make the move of a lifetime and find out why many have invested in the Jewel that is Belize.

Read the original article on the Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle website: http://www.caribbeanlifestyle.com/e-book-issue-2/

7 Reasons to Invest in Belize Real Estate

When it comes to making investments, generally you can’t go wrong with real estate. We all dream of living a life of luxury, yet for many, “dreaming” is as far as they ever get. But what if you could make your dreams a reality? Well, if you’ve always fantasized about living a life of luxury in a tropical paradise, and almost certainly making a very tidy profit in the process, you can: by investing in real estate in Belize. Real estate is one of the safest ways to invest your money. Belize is one of the most stunning locations in the entire world, and real estate in Belize is in higher demand now than ever before. Now is the perfect time to invest in Belize real estate. There are many Reasons to Invest in Belize Real Estate – but lets just address a few:

Here are 7 Reasons to Invest in Belize Real Estate!

Reason #1: The official language of Belize is English


When we consider moving to a foreign country, we often have to resign ourselves to the fact that language barriers will be a problem, and that we may need to learn to speak a new language. If you invest in Belize real estate however, this needn’t be a concern for you, as the official language of Belize is English. If you plan to live in your real estate investment this is a game-changer. Additionally, the English-speaking community is useful for business transactions, for legal issues, and for simply arranging routine maintenance and repairs etc.

Reason #2: Belize is situated in a prime location


In terms of business and pleasure, Belize’s location makes it a very attractive prospect for property investors from all over the globe. Belize is situated in close proximity to North America, and can be reached in just two hours by plane from Miami. You can also arrange for direct flights from other states and cities, including: Los Angeles, New Jersey, Atlanta, North Carolina, and many more. You can also hop on a plane and fly directly to Belize from many parts of Canada and Europe as well. For people looking for a vacation home or a second home, Belize is perfect because you can be in your little tropical paradise in a matter of hours, with minimal effort.

Reason #3: No capital gains or real estate tax


From an investment POV, having no capital gains or real estate tax in place is very attractive. Basically, when you invest your money in a Belize property, it will almost certainly increase in value as time goes by. When the time comes for you to sell the property on, you will therefore make a very, very healthy profit. The great thing about having no capital gains or real estate tax in place, is the fact that you get to keep all of the money you make, rather than having to hand some of it over to the government in taxes. From an investment perspective, this is the example that often seals the deal for many.

Reason #4: Low tax rates

As if the aforementioned tax perks weren’t enough, there is also the fact that income tax rates on real estate in Belize are also very low. If for example, you choose to rent out a property as a vacation home for tourists etc, of your earnings from renting out the property, you would be taxed just 1.75%. Tax rates on properties in Belize are also very low, as most new properties will cost just a few hundred dollars each year, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Reason #5: Tourism is huge in Belize


As Belize is such a stunning part of the world, tourism is on the up, and is increasing on a near daily basis. Each year, tourism increases in Belize by an average of 20%. This is thanks, in part, to cruise lines, as 85% of all tourists in the area are actually cruise ship passengers who wish to explore the stunning location as soon as their ship docks. Because of this, business owners and investors are flooding to the area. If you want to tap into the tourism market, investing in Belize real estate would allow you to do exactly that. Tourism directly correlates with real estate activity, so the more tourism there is, the greater the demand for properties there will be.

Reason #6: Belize is nice and stable


In a world rocked by politics, conflict, economic crisis, and much more besides, it’s nice to enjoy a little stability now and then. Belize is the epitome of stability as it is a democracy in every sense of the word. Because of this, it is able to enjoy high levels of political and economic stability, which means you can enjoy peace of mind. Belize is a member of the British commonwealth, so you can rest assured that your investment is in the very safest of hands.

Reason #7: Belize is a tropical paradise


Finally, as if all of the above wasn’t enough to convince you to invest in real estate in Belize, how about the fact that it is a tropical paradise? With stunning white sandy beaches, hot sunshine, blue skies, coconut groves, palm trees, and turquoise lagoons, Belize is one of the most desirable locations on the planet. Frequented by numerous Hollywood A-Listers, Belize real estate is the real deal.

6 Reasons You’d Be Happier Living in Belize!

We all dream of living a healthy, happy, and peaceful life. However, finding the ideal place to lead such a life isn’t an easy task. If you’ve been looking for a perfect place to move or retire to: Consider Living in Belize! Would you be happier living in Belize? Almost certainly!!

Here are the top 6 Reasons Why You’d Be Happier Living in Belize!

Reason 1: Excellent Weather All-Year Long


A large number of people from the growing expat community in Belize decide to move to the country for good. Some of the reasons include the excellent warm weather all around the year, abundant sunshine, breathtakingly beautiful nature, and a large number of exciting adventures available on both the mainland and the island cayes (to name a few). It has been observed that that the people living in Belize experience a much higher level of personal satisfaction and happiness in general.

Reason 2: Peaceful Life Closer to Nature


Living in Belize offers the enormous advantages and positive effects of being closer to nature. A close-knit English speaking community, amazing weather, and a range of exciting outdoor activities allow the residents to live a happy and healthy life in Belize.

Reason 3: Affordability


What could be a more peaceful way to spend the life than not constantly having to worry about your finances? Belize offers much more affordable rates on almost all the products and services you are accustomed to. If you are thinking about retirement in Belize, you can easily live a peaceful life on as little as $2000 every month. Furthermore, being surrounded by abundant natural resources and fresh, organic, Non-GMO food products, living in Belize offers the great health benefits at cheap rates.

Reason 4: Scenic Beauty


Living in Belize allows you to live amidst some of the most stunningly beautiful views you will find on earth. Whatever you’re looking for, the landscape in Belize is perfect: from lush untouched nature to indulging, luxurious resorts in and around the country. If you’re looking for a hassle-free life closer to nature, Belize is the perfect destination.

Reason 5: Positive and Optimistic Environment


As per the recent study by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Belize has been ranked among the top 50 happiest countries in the world to live. Furthermore, this beautiful country is on an upward trend among the happiest place to live due to the positive and optimistic attitude of the people. In fact, Belizeans are renowned for being one of the warmest, friendliest, and the most hospitable lot across the world.

Reason 6: Great Places to Live All Over Belize


Belize is full of amazing places and Cayes to explore and live. Well-planned and friendly expat communities, charming villages, and larger, more centrally located towns – Belize has it all! Centrally located just hours from Cancun, Guatemala City, Roatan and other famous tourist and vacation destinations, Belize is enticing a large number of expats, retirees, and investors. What about you? You’d be happier living in Belize! Contact us today to arrange a tour of San Pedro Belize real estate and check out life in Belize for yourself!